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WNC Moringa Oil: one miracle product for all your face, skin, body and hair problems

WNC Moringa Oil – No added chemical, No added fragrance. 100% Natural. 100% Natural Moringa oil.

Moringa oil comes from the seeds of Moringa fruit, commonly known as Drumsticks. The Moringa tree has long and thick short branch like pods that contain the Moringa seeds within. The oil is extracted by the pressing of these seeds. We use the Cold Pressed method to extract the oil from the seeds of the Moringa Fruit.

The fresh Moringa fruit has a lot of nutritional benefits. After the Moringa fruits are dried the seeds are used for making the oil. Moringa seed oil is also well known for its nutrition, which is truly unique among many other oils. These nutritional aspects of moringa seed oil are what make this oil incredible for use.

We all dream of healthy skin and hair. Who doesn’t want perfect radiant and flawless skin to go with healthy shiny tresses? But, stress, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle adversely affect them leading to acne, wrinkles, pigmentation or hair loss, dull, dry and frizzy hairs, dandruff or early greying of hairs. What if you could find one miracle product to solve all these (and many other) problems? Just one miracle oil to take care of all your skin and hair problems: “WNC Moringa Oil”.

Benefits of WNC 100% Pure Moringa Oil 

Moringa Oil (also known as Miracle oil) is made by cold pressing seeds from a Moringa tree which is popularly grown in Asia and Africa. The oil is super rich in Vitamin A & E and antioxidants (substances that prevent skin cell damage due to oxidization caused by various reasons like pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and food etc.). Moringa oil is a very potent oil because of its high antioxidants which also makes it very stable and hence the oil doesn’t go rancid for a very long time.

High level of antioxidants and vitamin A & E makes it one of the most sought-after products in skin and hair care. It is one of the most popular natural supplements for skin and hair health. Being loaded with vitamin A & E, it not only helps fight skin damage but also helps reverse the damage. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa oil helps even skin tone and also fight acne. In fact, it is a boon for those with acne prone skin. It has also been used for centuries as a natural anti-aging agent. That’s not all, this miracle oil can help you with skin allergy or fungal infections like ringworm etc. as it is rich in anti-bacterial properties. Although dense with nutrients, Moringa oil is not heavy on the skin and gets absorbed completely without making you look oily. It moisturizes skin smoothly and helps even out skin tone.

Not just skin, Moringa oil can be very helpful for a dry and itchy scalp or dry and frizzy hairs. It helps get rid of split ends and problems like dandruff or hair fall. By providing scalp and hairs much-needed nutrition, moringa oil helps prevent early greying of hairs too.

After seeing the amazing properties and uses of Moringa oil, we can say that it is the miracle product for all your skin and hair care issues. Many skin experts highly recommend moringa oil for daily use. In the following series, we will bring to you some easy and homemade recipes for making your own body care products like making your own body butter, anti-aging serum, anti-acne serum, conditioner etc. at home using the miraculous Moringa oil. Keep watching this space to learn more about these products and to use all the goodness of Moringa oil.